This site is designed to help you reawaken yourself and reconnect you with your spiritual nature. We are all part of an awakening consciousness and there is no time to waste, energy is increasing on our plane and throughout our galaxy, it is imperative to open your mind and become who you truly are. Many people have a difficult time visualizing abstract ideas, and we are here to help.

Whether you are trying to enlighten yourself, or heal yourself from a physical disease, we will try to have a 3d animation so you can imagine yourself happy and healthy. Enlightenment is why we are all here, and these animated visualizations are to help you break through the veil of illusion. We are all in this together.

Growth, Wisdom and Happiness on your personal journey.



Breast Cancer Healing


General Healing

Ray Invocation


3 Day Protection

Chakra Activation


Find your Ideal Mate


7 Ray Light Attunement


Daily Grounding Meditation


Aura Cleansing


Reintegration Chamber


Light Worker Invocation

Cleansing Breath 


Sonic Emissions


Sacred Geometry


Headache Meditation


Remove Attachment Cords


The Ascension Helper

Kundalini Activation


Home Protection



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